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2 min readApr 8, 2022

When we talk about VIP Space with our members and our community, they always ask, How can we become a VIP Member on the STRT Button?
So, if you are one of those who are curious about it, we must refer you to our discussion here! 👋🏻

For those of you who have purchased an allocation of $STRT tokens, you can simply visit our dApp HERE.

Then.. what’s next?

You just need to click on the VIP SPACE section, then you LOCK your TOKEN without requiring any TIERS!

Legit? Yeap! But wait..

You should also see the advantages of being a VIP Member on the STRT Button below:

  1. You can participate in the GOVERNANCE PROGRAM where you can vote on each project that will be listed on our PRIVATE IDO. If the project has the most “YES” votes and has met the voting requirements, then we will list the project in our Private IDO Pool, but if not? If the project does not meet the requirements for the most votes, so it is with a heavy heart that we have to cancel or decline the project on our platform. Even your voices will influence our development progress! So we will always need your advice as well as your actions in our every development progress. And you can experience a real “partnership” with us..
  2. You can join all PRIVATE IDOs on our platform, where all of these projects are guaranteed by quality and have also undergone filtering, KYC, and audits. So this is enough to avoid scams and rug pull projects. Isn’t it? This is also a good start for you to “connect” with the Early Stage Project because there will be SEED, STRATEGIC, PRIVATE, and even PUBLIC Rounds in our PRIVATE IDO.
  3. You can also get PASSIVE REWARDS from the STRT Button by only LOCKING a certain amount of $STRT tokens!

Want to know more about Passive Rewards? Please CLICK HERE.

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STRT Button | Multi-Chain DApp

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