Independent Minting NFT Pool

Let’s jump into one of our special features!

This feature (NFT Pool Generator) allows users to use their own ERC-721 smart contracts from the STRT Button dApp. Smart contract owners will then be able to let people print their NFTs from their pool of NFTs. Here you can also say that NFT Pool is a collection of NFT.

Well, when NFT creators want to build their own printing/minting platform, but they don’t know how to build it from scratch… maybe they don’t even know how technical it is and want an instant platform to help them.

So the presence of the STRT Button allows them to create a minting page for their own projects and they can share them with the STRT Button community and their own communities.

Easy, effective, and very efficient right?

Ok.. let’s see from the NFT Buyer & NFT Creator’s point of view

As NFT buyers, there are many who want special prices for newly minted NFTs from good projects. So. who refuses to try?

Moving on to the NFT Creator’s point of view… NFT Creator wants to mint the projects listed in the NFT Pool provided on the STRT Button platform. Only need to enter some details that will be used as a preview for NFT buyers later.

How does it work?

Uploading your artworks to IPFS

  1. Prepare your artwork that will be used as your NFT

2. Upload your artwork into the IPFS service, there are a lot of IPFS services that you can use such as Estuary,, or Pinata

3. This tutorial will use Pinata as the IPFS drive

4. Visit then create an account, you can freely upload your file here up to 1GB

5. When the account is registered, Pinata will direct you to the Pin manager window, you can upload your file here and you will receive the CID code that will be used as a storage address on the blockchain.

6. CID will be generated based on the content in the uploaded folder. If the contents of the folder change (an image removed, an image swapped with another of the same name, etc.), the CID will also change.
As an example of the CID folder of the artwork: QmRwm8kuYVRSTWnoR4FmbMH7DqT5GKCNftraBfLm59Gxka
IPFS URL of this folder: ipfs://QmRwm8kuYVRSTWnoR4FmbMH7DqT5GKCNftraBfLm59Gxka

7. But, the link (IPFS) above can’t be opened in a general browserTetapi, link IPFS URL diatas tidak bisa dibuka di browser biasa, so you need to input HTTP URL to access it like this:

8. When you succeed in uploading your artwork and getting the CID, we can jump into another step!

Generate your NFT JSON metadata

  1. Since we have uploaded our images to IPFS, we now have IPFS URLs for each image.

2. Our next task is to create a JSON file for each image and populate it with data (including the image URL) in a format that is compliant and understandable by platforms like NFT marketplaces.

3. In this section you can fill in the attributes of your NFT and insert CID in each image that has been in convert into .json format

4. When all is settled, you can generate all your .json files and continue to the next step.

Uploading your JSON to IPFS

  1. Same as the first step mentioned before, you can use a lot of IPFS Pinning services like Pinata to upload your JSON file in IPFS.
  2. Then, when all your JSON files have been successfully uploaded, remember to keep the CID that you have. CID will be used as a URI link to generate a smart contract in the next step.

Finally, we did a very good start to set up your NFT metadata. In the next step, you can generate a smart contract using this metadata and you can assign ownership to various holders.

Create your NFT Minting Pool

After your NFT artwork and its .JSON format file are ready, you can start to create NFT Minting Pool so all your artwork can be owned by the community.

  1. Visit our dApp HERE and click CREATE menu
  2. Click Mint NFT, then click the button Create Now

3. You can upload your pool’s logo, name, and NFT Symbol. Remember to fill in the description details about your NFT. And the most important thing is you have to fill in the Base URI that contains the JSON file of your NFT which you get from the CID that you keep.
The base URI format that is generally used is ipfs://{CID}/
Example : ipfs://QmNxpXX2mwV74QFovW2g5vMBjpQdA2S1y2MgZs9oxbkZmu/

4. You need to fill in your website here and provide a few links to your official social media that promote your NFT project.

5. In this step you can fill in the schedule for LIVE & ENDED for your NFT Minting Pool. Also, you can decide the minting price, maximum mint per user, and the total of Max Supply that are available to be minted. This page will contain a lot of information about your NFT to the public user and whitelist user and the information page for those 2 categories will be separate for each category.

6. You can review the pool that will launch at this step, if everything is perfect, you can click Approve and continue the transaction to metamask.

7. Metamask will ask for approval and confirmation of the transaction, and the smart contract will be generated immediately when the process is complete.

8. (Optional) At this step you can add a whitelist stage before the public starts. This pool can only be accessed by wallets that have been registered in the whitelisted address only. If you approve, then metamask will pop up and you will confirm the transaction once again because metamask will generate a special smart contract for the whitelist stage.

9. Congratulation! Your pool has been successfully generated and you can see it in the Creator Area. Here you can choose to edit your pool and can see a preview of your NFT pool.

10. Click View to preview your pool, this page will contain details about your NFT project.

11. Click Manage to change some information. The Edit menu can only be accessed before the pool starts.

12. If your pool is live, you can see the details on the NFT Pool page or click the open link icon to redirect to your pool page. You can withdraw the mining results after the pool is finished.

How to mint NFT in NFT Pool

  1. Visit our dApp HERE and click the tab NFT Pool

2. In this step you can choose the project that caught your interest! On the right side will appear the details of each project or you can click the Open icon to open the detail page

3. You can choose the amount of NFT you want to request (each project has its own provisions regarding the number of Mints per User), then click the Mint button

4. A metamask pop-up will appear and you need to confirm the transaction with a fee according to the transaction you did

5. Congratulations on your successful minting! A pop-up will appear indicating that you have successfully minted NFT. You can go to the dashboard, which will direct you to the Dashboard tab to see the NFT you have successfully requested

6. The successful minted NFT will be displayed here, you can also copy your NFT address to look for it in BSCscan

7. When you access your wallet address in BSCscan, the NFT you requested will display in the menu, this indicates your minting was successful.

CLICK HERE to check the process of creating NFT Pool & Minting NFT Pool

Just like our other features, there are things that need to be considered during the process of creating a Minting NFT Pool.

  • Your artwork is ready
  • You already had an URI link to your NFT
  • STRT Button doesn’t generate your artwork, we only help Minting your artwork that is in the URI of the link
  • Currently, we only support the Binance network

If you still get lost, no worries! You can contact our team to answer all your hesitations!

Check our official social media links below to get more upcoming updates from STRT Button ✅

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Multi-Chain DApp as a service to the entire crypto ecosystem by providing a Decentralize Token Management Platform. Non-Custodial.No Middle Man.No Code Required