Instant VS Reuseable Airdrop

We’ve released our instant and reusable airdrop feature some time ago, this feature is also live on mainnet.

Before discussing further, I want to emphasize that Reuseable Airdrop is a feature that is not available on some other platforms, where we provide a new technology.

What’s the new technology? And why say so?

Reusable Airdrop, you only pay a slightly higher fee than Instant Airdrop but you can already use the Smart Contract in this Reusable Airdrop many times just as the name says “Reusable” as long as the Token and Wallet Address used, does not change.

However, for the Instant Airdrop feature, with a relatively cheap fee compared to Reusable Airdrop, you can only use the feature once.

Okay…we continue with how to use the Instant Airdrop feature:

If you want to see transaction details, click View Transaction.

Next is… Reusable Airdrop!

The initial process is the same as Instant Airdrop, of course you need to click the Reusable Airdrop first. Next, just follow all of the step above. But! The difference is.. you can use this feature again with a note that the Token Address & Wallet Address data is still the same or should not change at all.

Or you guys can check the video below

Reusable Airdrop — STRT Button dApp

TRY IT for 0 fee now! We are welcoming any questions in our Telegram Group as well, so don’t hesitate to drop your questions there.

We are going to announce another special feature soon, stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our Medium, also follow us on our Official Social Media below✅

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