Initial Offering has already been a New Normal nowadays!

When it comes to building a new project or startup.. STRT Button will be a platform for every Blockchain Projects!

What is STRT Button?

A platform used by all communities and crypto ecosystems that offer Multi-Chain DApps as a service.

We provide a decentralized token management platform that can be accessed anonymously, without any IT experience, and without third-party interference.

Thanks to the features we provide, you can easily instantly and independently create cryptocurrency tokens, create smart contracts to lock and transfer team tokens, perform airdrop programs, and receive publicly and fully decentralized funds. Non-Custodial. No Middle-Man. No Code Required.

What we SOLVE & what we DO?


  • Launchpad Control Projects Listed
  • Rug-Pulled / Scam Projects
  • The public can only access “Public Sale” which is the Highest Allocations Price
  • Private Pool option, so everyone can access multiple stage of Pool, starts from Private & Public Sale Pool
  • The difficulty in building blockchain projects


  • All in one platform for everyone who wants to bootstrapped their ideas
  • Providing “Independent Launchpad Pool” so everyone can independently listing their project
  • Providing ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering) for every succeed fund raised by locking the fund for certain time & amount
  • Undeveloped Projects due to limited fund & networks
  • Providing Acceleration program for well qualified project, by incubating & connecting it to several VC’s, International Media, etc.

What make us Different?

  1. We totally focus on optimizing platform token utility, when others not
  2. Creating a private pool for our VIP members by investing at several projects on early stage/private round & resell it to our VIP members who locked up $STRT on our platform
  3. Auto-airdrop rewards system for VIP, from every succeed total sold token


Our essential challenge is to be an answer for startups or technology, blockchain, and product enterprise 4.0 customers to start, introduce, and develop their initiatives via a Blockchain Fundraising System. Various capabilities might be created to help the improvement of the $STRT ecosystem.

Our preliminary attention presently is to attach international traders with appropriate first-rate initiatives in diverse areas of the sector via the STRT Button platform & additionally join different global initiatives with traders or crypto customers in positive areas.

Market Target :

We want to help local startups in all regions and countries to connect their projects with global investors to raise funds globally, and vice versa. nation. their project.

We will support overseas startups to attract investors and users from each target country.

For more info & details about STRT Button, please visit our Whitepaper

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当涉及到建立一个新项目或初创公司时。STRT Button 将成为每个区块链项目的平台!


所有社区和加密生态系统都使用的平台,提供多链 DApp 即服务。
我们提供去中心化的代币管理平台,可以匿名访问,无需任何 IT 经验,也无需第三方干预。




  • 一站式平台,适用于想要引导他们的想法的每个人
  • 通过锁定资金一定时间和金额,为每笔成功筹集的资金提供 ILO(初始流动性发行)
  • 由于资金和网络有限而未开发的项目
  • 为优秀的项目提供加速计划,通过孵化和连接到几个VC,国际媒体等。


  • 列出的发射台控制项目
  • 提供“独立启动板选项”,以便每个人都可以独立列出他们的项目
  • 公众只能访问最高分配价格的“公开发售”
  • 私人选项,因此每个人都可以访问多个选项阶段,从私人和公开销售选项开始
  • 构建区块链项目的难点


1. 我们完全专注于优化平台代币效用,而其他人则不
2. 通过在早期/私募轮中投资多个项目,为我们的 VIP 会员创建一个私人选项,并将其转售给我们的 VIP 会员,他们在我们的平台上锁定了 $STRT
3. VIP的自动空投奖励系统,来自每个成功的总销售代币


我们的基本挑战是成为初创公司或技术、区块链和产品企业 4.0 客户通过区块链筹款系统启动、介绍和开发他们的计划的答案。可能会创建各种功能来帮助改进 $STRT 生态系统。

我们目前的初步关注是通过 STRT Button 平台在该行业的各个领域为国际交易者提供适当的一流举措,并在积极领域与交易者或加密客户一起加入不同的全球举措。




有关 STRT 按钮的更多信息和详细信息,请访问我们的白皮书 STRT Button Whitepaper

官方社交媒体:Website | Telegram Channel | Telegram Chat Group | Medium | Twitter | Instagram



Multi-Chain DApp as a service to the entire crypto ecosystem by providing a Decentralize Token Management Platform. Non-Custodial.No Middle Man.No Code Required

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STRT Button | Multi-Chain DApp

Multi-Chain DApp as a service to the entire crypto ecosystem by providing a Decentralize Token Management Platform. Non-Custodial.No Middle Man.No Code Required