Hello STRT Fam! It’s been a while…

We already have several Key Features at this time, namely:

  1. Independent Dashboard
  2. Anti-Rug System
  3. Multi-Chain Ecosystem
  4. Fairness Mechanism
  5. STRT Network
  6. Passive Rewards

Please CLICK HERE to read the full explanation of our Key Features.

We also have additional features coming soon. Here are some additional features that we are developing:

Staking Dashboard

All project owners can create and own a staking pool for their members and community, without having to recruit their Solidity team to build it on their platform. So, business owners can focus more on company development which is more effective for company growth!

The purpose of this feature is to provide a program to the community and maintain the value or price of the token because the more people staking, the price of the token will be maintained and the last one is to provide loyalty or rewards to members.

Minting NFT Dashboard

Art creators can sell all their works to the market here. And if they are interested, then they can mint their NFT until it is sold out so that the work can be traded on the NFT marketplace.

There will be many more additional features that will be coming to youuu…STRT Fam!

We will keep innovating in creating new features that certainly have good utility so that we can maintain the convenience of all STRT Fam in using our platform.

Let’s keep in touch with us by following our Official Social Media below!

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STRT Button | Multi-Chain DApp

STRT Button | Multi-Chain DApp

Multi-Chain DApp as a service to the entire crypto ecosystem by providing a Decentralize Token Management Platform. Non-Custodial.No Middle Man.No Code Required