Welcome back STRT Fam!

Finally, STRT Buton X Creo Engine is available now…

This Creo Engine project has gone through a filtering process, KYC, and also audit.

There will be 1,000,000 $CREO FOR FREE that will be distributed to the STRT Fam who has locked tokens. Previously, let’s look at a little explanation about the Creo Engine below!

What si Creo Engine?

Creo Engine is a Game-Fi platform that offers in-house play-to-earn games. The platform also allows game developers worldwide to launch their games under the Creo Engine platform, called ‘Creoverse’. In a way, Creo Engine functions similar to Steam, a platform that enables vast libraries of high-quality games (or, in this case, Game-Fi) ready to be played by its users.

Creo Engine game studio, Nomina Games, is currently developing four Play-to Earn games as a starter, in which the Assets/NFTs from each game can connect and interoperate between games. The four titles in development are:

  1. Evermore Knights, a turn-based JRPG featuring unique heroes, weapons, and items.
  2. Slime Haven, is a pet breeding simulator game.

3. Merchant Marvels, a crafting game.

4. Peony Ranch, a 3D farming simulator game similar to Animal Crossing.

What’s their Unique Selling Point?

Interoperability between Creo Engine assets and NFTs is considered a unique sales offer. Creators know how valuable in-game assets and time spent in-game are to players. With this in mind, the main goal is to allow players to use in-game assets from one game to another if all games are running on the same platform. Creo Engine believes that improving the Asset / NFS utility will also increase the value of the Asset / NFT.

⬇️ Check their Official Links below
Website | Whitepaper

Okay.. now let’s talk about REWARD 1,000,000 $CREO

How can I participate?

  1. Visit the STRT Button dApp or CLICK HERE
  2. Connect your Wallet
  3. 1,000,000 $CREO token will be shared with the FIRST COME FIRST SERVE system. Which, only those of you who lock the $STRT token first will get this opportunity.
  4. There will be a pop-up message explaining the T&Cs for participating in claiming the $CREO reward. If you agree, then you have also agreed to lock the $STRT token.
  5. 1 $CREO = 2 $STRT
  6. To get this opportunity, you have to lock the token at least 1,000 $STRT so you can get 500 $CREO. And a maximum of 20,000 $STRT that you can lock to get 10,000 $CREO.
    You are the fastest person to lock the $STRT token, and the nominal you lock is 2,000 $STRT. Then you will get 1,000 $ CREO tokens.
  7. Vesting system that applies: 10% TGE, and Linear release over 6 months.
  8. You can CLAIM it on the STRT Button dashboard.

Then, when can I UNLOCK $STRT token?

  1. Depends on which allocation you bought the STRT allocation.
  2. There are 3 types of allocation; SEED, STRATEGIC & PUBLIC.
  3. If your allocation is SEED then you will LOCK $STRT token for 570 days, then you can claim 100% $STRT token on day 571.
  4. If your allocation is STRATEGIC then you will LOCK $STRT tokens for 270 days, then you can claim $STRT tokens 100% on day 271.
  5. If your allocation is PUBLIC then you will LOCK $STRT tokens for 120 days, then you can claim 100% $STRT tokens on the 121st day.

And.. when will the program start?

Please stay tuned to our Official Social Media ✅

See you on another chance STRT Fam!

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