STRT Button Platform Preview
Dashboard Preview

My Dashboard

My Contribution
The place where you can claim tokens by following the allocation or contributing to each project either in private or public projects, this is where you can claim all $STRT tokens that you will buy.

VIP Lounge Preview

VIP Lounge

In this VIP Space you can lock the $STRT token as you wish. With the Automated Calculator, every number you type in the circled column, you will get information on how much token allocation you lock and how much Passive Rewards you will get.
For more information on this please CLICK HERE.



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STRT Button | Multi-Chain DApp

STRT Button | Multi-Chain DApp

Multi-Chain DApp as a service to the entire crypto ecosystem by providing a Decentralize Token Management Platform. Non-Custodial.No Middle Man.No Code Required