It’s been a while… in this article we will explain a little about the dApp (V 0.0.1) Beta Version, where this is the first time we release this dApp to the public. Please visit our platform and see the following explanation.

Let’s Explore !

STRT Button Platform Preview

A. Connect Wallet
By connecting your Wallet, as a start you enter the world of the web3.

B. Network
You can freely choose the ecosystem of Blockchain that you want to enter.

C. Buy Token $STRT
You will be linked to the platform where the $STRT token was purchased.

D. STRTing Button
Where we can help you to Manage and Develop your Blockchain project, starting from generating tokens, smart contracts, airdrops, & token sale pools to launch your blockchain project with just a few clicks.

E. VIP Lounge
VIP Space for VIP members to get benefits such as a place to lock your $STRT token, a place where Passive Rewards will be distributed, you also get the latest information that only applies to VIP members, last but not least you will get the right to vote in private projects which we want to release.

F. Dashboard
All your activities on this platform are contained in this dashboard.

G. Project Board
You can see various kinds of projects starting from private projects, public projects, airdrop programs, locked tokens and also fair launches.

H. Trust Badge
A menu for project creators to verify and get a Trust Badge on their projects.

I. STRT Button Official Social Media
Visit our official social media to know us better.

J. Contact Center
If you have any questions or anything to discuss with us, please visit this button.

K. DApp Version
Information on the dApp Version you are currently accessing. Be sure to access our latest dApp version. Because we will always update the dApp to be better every time.

L. Learn More
It will direct you to our Whitepaper, in case you miss our introduction and you can read more about STRT Button there.

Dashboard Preview

My Dashboard

My Contribution
The place where you can claim tokens by following the allocation or contributing to each project either in private or public projects, this is where you can claim all $STRT tokens that you will buy.

My Project
Specifically for project creators, they can claim funds that you have raised, finalize or cancel projects pool that you have created.

My Vesting
The dashboard that applies to those of you who create smart contracts where you can claim tokens that you have locked yourself or for your members.

A dashboard that contains a collection of projects that you like when you are exploring projects on the Project Board.

VIP Lounge Preview

VIP Lounge

In this VIP Space you can lock the $STRT token as you wish. With the Automated Calculator, every number you type in the circled column, you will get information on how much token allocation you lock and how much Passive Rewards you will get.
For more information on this please CLICK HERE.

Please try our Create Token Feature, you can create your own simple token in no more than 1 minute!

We will also be releasing Create Airdrop soon, stay tuned.

That’s all for our dApp (V 0.0.1) Beta Version, see you in another better version!

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Multi-Chain DApp as a service to the entire crypto ecosystem by providing a Decentralize Token Management Platform. Non-Custodial.No Middle Man.No Code Required

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STRT Button | Multi-Chain DApp

Multi-Chain DApp as a service to the entire crypto ecosystem by providing a Decentralize Token Management Platform. Non-Custodial.No Middle Man.No Code Required